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Building and nurturing support systems for Colorado veterans

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Many veterans who step up to fight for our freedom return home to face a slew of struggles, from mental health to homelessness. On this episode of Real Talk with Denver 7 and CPR News we’re exploring why veterans experience these once off the battlefield, and how nonprofits are stepping up to fill a gap between what the federal government can provide and what veterans need.

Our guests include Missy Mish with the VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System in Aurora, Marine Corp veteran Zach Tidwell, James Herrera, Vice-President of Physical Health and Wellness for the Wounded Warrior Project, and Damian McCabe, Director of Behavioral Health and Military Affairs at UC Health and Next Chapter.

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(Editor's Note: This episode contains details of self-harm. If you or someone you know is considering suicide or other acts of self-harm, please contact Colorado Crisis Services by calling 1-844-493-8255 or text “TALK” to 3825 for free, confidential, and immediate support.)