Donate Real Estate

Colorado Public Radio accepts donations of Real Estate, through a partnership with Realty Gift Fund (RGF). You can start the donation process by calling RGF directly at 505-309-0811 or learn more online.

Over the years many of our supporters have asked if they can make charitable gifts of real estate to CPR knowing that gifts of appreciated assets significantly improve their personal outcomes. We have always had to say “no thank you” due to the complexity and risk inherent in gifts of complex assets. Now we can say "yes." We have established a collaboration with Realty Gift Fund, a specialized nonprofit that dedicates its expertise to facilitating these types of gifts to America’s nonprofits. Through their special mission, gifts of real estate are simple, safe and rewarding for CPR and our donors.

For answers to frequently asked questions check out the FAQ’s below. If you have additional questions, just give us a call at 800-722-4449!

Is my donation of real estate tax deductible?
If I sell my property, I will owe significant taxes.  Do I avoid these taxes through a donation?
What types of property will you accept?
What types of property will you not accept?
What are the steps in a gift of real estate?
Does Realty Gift Fund charge a fee for its role?
How much will Colorado Public Radio receive from the sale of a donated property?
Who determines the value of my tax deduction?
What are the costs to the donor for a gift of real estate?
Does the property have to be located in Colorado?
Can I donate a property with an existing mortgage?
Can I be paid some cash for the property and donate the rest as a charitable contribution?
Can I donate a property that needs a few repairs?
What do you need to know about my property?